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Policy and Planning Division

The Policy and Planning Division provides advice to the Government on defence policy and the military capabilities needed to achieve government objectives. It has both Ministry of Defence and New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) staff.

The Policy and Planning Division has four main functions:

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Evaluation Division

The Evaluation Division carries out assessments and audits, under s24(2)(e) of the Defence Act 1990, of any function, duty or project of the New Zealand Defence Force. The Division also conducts audits of the Ministry of Defence's activities relating to the procurement of major military capability.

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Acquisition Division

The Acquisition Division acquires equipment to be operated by the three services of the New Zealand Defence Force - the Royal New Zealand Navy, the New Zealand Army, and the Royal New Zealand Air Force. Generally where the whole of life value of the project is in excess of NZ$15 million.

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Corporate Division

Corporate Division provides an integrative force within the Ministry, enhancing the operational effectiveness of the other divisions by providing support services and policy advice in the areas of information management and technology, legal, human resources, risk and administration.

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Finance Division

Finance Division provides financial services and advice, manages cash and foreign currency funds, produces Estimates and reports on all financial aspects of Ministry business.

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