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The Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry


The Defence Industry Advisory Council (DIAC) established the Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry in 1998 to highlight and reward the contribution made by industry to Defence.

Previous winners have demonstrated the ability to: supply superior equipment or services; be innovative in design or implementation; provide excellence on an ongoing basis; utilise or develop wider markets; undertake technically advanced activities; and increase efficiency, effectiveness or economy for Defence.

The award is an engraved trophy which past winners have been able to use to good effect in their marketing efforts.

The presentation of the Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry takes place annually in Wellington at the Awards dinner, which concludes the New Zealand Defence Industry Association (NZDIA) Defence Industry Forum.

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2014 Award Winners

Nominations were called from the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) and other organisations with an interest in providing equipment and services to Defence.

Thirteen nominations were received for the 2014 Awards.

The awards dinner was held in Wellington at the Michael Fowler Centre on Wednesday, 22 October 2014. The Secretary of Defence, Helene Quilter presented the awards on behalf of the Minister of Defence.

Category A: for the provision of excellent equipment to Defence

Category A recognises excellence by suppliers of equipment to the NZDF or the Ministry of Defence.

category a winnersDaronmont Technologies Limited - Nominated by the Protector Remediation Project Team in the Ministry of Defence, Daronmont developed a replacement communication detection system for the Royal New Zealand Navy’s Protector Fleet.

The communication detection system has been integrated and networked with other sensor systems, provides the required performance, and most importantly uses existing ship infrastructure.

Daronmont were highly innovative in overcoming the challenges of integrating the communication detection system into the sensor management system, and in resolving the issues associated with integrating the communication detection system into the existing antenna. They presented well-researched evidence of how the project deliverables would meet the requirements, and the documentation, reports, and advice they provided was of an extremely high standard. Daronmont exceeded client expectations with the refinements they made to the direction finding systems and continuously demonstrated excellent project management practices. Their engineering excellence and professionalism have resulted in a system that performs better than expected and will be a valuable addition to the Protector Fleet.

Category B: for the provision of superior services to Defence

Category B recognises excellence by suppliers of superior services to the New Zealand Defence Force or the Ministry of Defence.

category b winnerCatalyze Limited - Nominated by the Defence Midpoint Rebalancing Review Project Team, Catalyze Limited facilitated the techniques used to assist the DMRR project team to undertake a major review of policy, capability and funding trade-offs within defence using value-for-money as a basis, and aided Defence in their delivery of credible, robust options to Ministers.

The core methodology that Catalyze introduced enabled Defence to make complex and challenging trade-offs and their facilitation and support throughout the Defence Midpoint Rebalancing Review ensured its successful execution. Catalyze's innovative approach ensured stakeholders were actively involved in the decision-making process and in all its service provision to Defence, Catalyze has provided professional, customised, Defence-focused services. The DMRR process was robust, analytically sound, and data driven, and it has been identified as an exemplar for other Government departments to follow.

Category C: for the provision of outstanding commitment to Defence

Category C recognises suppliers who have provided outstanding commitment to the New Zealand Defence Force or the Ministry of Defence.

category c award winnersTexas Aero Engine Services LLC - Nominated by the RNZAF Directorate of Continued Airworthiness Management,Texas Aero Engine Service LLC, commonly known as TAESL, provides Maintenance Repair and Overhaul services to the RNZAF for the RB211 aero engine fitted to the B757 aircraft.

TAESL have been providing Maintenance Repair and Overhaul services to the RNZAF B757 engines for seven years. For the duration of the relationship service requests have all been dealt with on an ad hoc basis as TAESL did not have a formal or enduring contract in place with the RNZAF until very recently this year. Despite this TAESL has provided superior service to the RNZAF through innovations in the flexibility of their production schedules, assistance with fault finding, utilisation of their vast contacts in the airline industry to resolve many aircraft issues, and travelling to New Zealand in response to short notice service requests. TAESL have always shown a can-do attitude and a willingness to quickly respond to Defence needs. Their genuine enjoyment of the transparent relationship that they have developed with RNZAF engineers is clearly apparent, and the service requests TAESL receive from the RNZAF are treated with the same outstanding service that all TAESL customers receive.


The following nominees were finalists for the 2014 Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry:

Category A: for the provision of excellent equipment to Defence

Category B: for the provision of superior services to Defence

Category C: for the provision of outstanding commitment to Defence

Details about the other finalists are set out below.

MAS Zengrange (NZ) Ltd - Nominated by the New Zealand Army, MAS Zengrange (NZ) Ltd completed an urgent operational requirement for the supply of Mini-DRFD Remote Initiation systems to the Special Forces. They also hold service and maintenance agreements with the NZDF including the sale, repair and maintenance of Optics.

The Mini-DRFD provided by MAS Zengrange (NZ) Ltd is an established capability which meets worldwide military standards and certifications, and is regarded as a market leading solution. The company actively track and review changes in threat dynamics and evolving user requirements, and are able to tailor and configure the capability to individual users. MAS Zengrange (NZ) Ltd continue to be at the cutting edge of Remote Initiation technology and continually develop and deliver new products. They are proud of the long standing relationship they have established with the NZDF and have never failed to meet their commitments to Defence.

Metco Engineering Ltd - Nominated by the NZDF Directorate of Land Engineering, Metco produced adapter brackets for the NZDF to enable the C2A1 sight to be used on the 105mm Light Guns, and have been providing an array of engineering solutions to the NZDF over several years.

Soon after Metco began producing the 16 sights and arms that were required in the 12 week timeframe, they were then advised that eight complete sets were required to be produced within a four week turnaround. This was an immense and complicated task and this part had not been produced previously. However, Metco immediately set about planning to achieve the challenging timeframe. They expertly managed the process from beginning to end, and the quality of components Metco supplied was first-rate. Metco's investment in up-to-date manufacturing machinery, combined with extensive press-forming, tooling and fabrication experience makes them a one-stop shop for most manufacturing scenarios. Metco have a strong "keep it Kiwi" business philosophy. They firmly believe in the ability to design and develop world-class products in New Zealand and have a forward thinking approach to training.

Beca Applied Technologies - Nominated by the RNZAF 230 Mission Support Squadron, Beca provided facilitation and software engineering services to assist with the transfer of the P-3K2 Orion Flight Deck Trainer to New Zealand, and has undertaken continued development of the Flight Deck Trainer to enable the device to be used to train RNZAF P-3K2 Orion Pilots and Flight Engineers.

Following the delivery of the flight deck trainer to New Zealand, Beca undertook developments to enable existing P-3K pilots to transition to the P-3K2. Following the successful completion of this work, further developments were carried out for P-3K2 Orion conversion training, and an upgrade of the motion drive system was also completed. The superior service that Beca applied to the hardware and software challenges they encountered resulted in a greatly enhanced device that is far more effective than initially planned and initially delivered. The RNZAF has successfully assessed the device against an internationally recognised simulation standard and approved its use to train RNZAF Pilots and Flight Engineers for the P-3K2 Orion.

Previous Award Winners

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