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The New Zealand Defence Industry Advisory Council (NZDIAC)

On 1 January 2012 the Defence Industry Committee of New Zealand (DICNZ) changed it's name to the New Zealand Defence Industry Advisory Council (NZDIAC). The Council was originally formed in 1994 to improve communication between Defence and New Zealand industry.

The NZDIAC reports directly to the Minister of Defence and has a wide brief to:

The objectives for the NZDIAC have been refreshed to align with the outcomes of the 2010 Defence White Paper, the Defence Review, the Value for Money exercise, and the Defence Industry Companion study.

Objectives for the NZDIAC

Objective One: To provide the Minister with advice relating to developments, issues, opportunities and sustainability in the national and international defence industry including providing advice on defence industry investment, export, science & technology, support and sustainment, maintenance and repair, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), Public Private Initiatives (PPIs) and other innovative mechanisms for delivering capabilities and services;

Objective Two: To encourage strategic relationships between the Crown and NZ Industry to maximise the benefits for Defence and the country of local industry capability, product developments and services focusing particularly on defence industry science and technology, commercialisation, and delivery of value for money to the Crown; and

Objective Three: To act as a conduit, by way of regular meetings, briefings and reports, between the Minister and Industry on matters of Defence policy as it relates to Industry, and other issues as the Minister may wish.

NZDIAC membership consists of seven industry members appointed by the Minister of Defence, representatives from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, the New Zealand Defence Force and the Ministry of Defence. The Ministry of Defence provides secretarial support to the Council.

The NZDIAC also facilitates the annual Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry and the Awards presentation dinner that concludes the NZDIA Forum.

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