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About the Defence White Paper 2016

Defence White Paper 2016

The Defence White Paper 2016 was released on 8 June 2016. It sets out the Government’s expectations for Defence over the coming decades.

Terms of Reference

The Defence White Paper was guided by Terms of Reference that were approved by Cabinet on 13 April 2015. You can view key information from the Terms of Reference by clicking on the link below:

Public consultation

The Defence White Paper public consultation process was undertaken from May to June 2015. Over 300 submissions were received and 12 public meetings held around New Zealand.

Through the consultation process, all New Zealanders were given the opportunity to provide their views on the appropriate roles of the armed forces; the capabilities they think are needed to fulfil these; and the environments in which they will be most likely to carry them out.

Thank you to everyone that either made a submission or attended one of the public meetings.

It was readily apparent that the public appreciated the role performed by the Defence Force in securing New Zealand and promoting our interests overseas. There was strong support for soldiers, sailors and airmen and airwomen of the Defence Force having the best equipment available to do the tasks required of them by the Government.

Strengthening relationships with Australia, the United States and other nations in the Asia-Pacific were seen as important priorities. Many submitters also saw the Defence Force as playing a key role in building the resilience of New Zealand and South Pacific states, and supporting the development of New Zealand youth.

Photo: Public consultation meeting at Anzac House, Wellington for the Defence White Paper 2016

Photo: Public Consultation Meeting at Anzac House, Wellington

More information

In 2014, the Ministry of Defence and the New Zealand Defence Force produced a formal Defence Assessment, a comprehensive review of the international strategic environment and its implications for New Zealand’s defence policy and capability. The Defence Assessment informed the strategic outlook described in the Defence White Paper.

A public version of the Defence Assessment can be viewed below.

Contact us

Further enquiries regarding the Defence White Paper 2016 and the Summary of Submission report, can be made by either of the following options:


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