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Defence White Paper 2015

The Government has directed that a review of its defence policy be conducted over the course of 2015. The Government last updated its defence policy through the Defence White Paper 2010.

The Defence White Paper 2010 represented the first comprehensive articulation of New Zealand’s defence policy this century. Since publication it has provided Defence with the direction it needs to be able to effectively prioritise the roles and tasks it undertakes, both at home and overseas, and guide the modernisation of many of the Defence Force’s military capabilities.

Defence policy has continued to develop and adapt since 2010. The Defence White Paper 2015 will provide an opportunity to take stock of changes to New Zealand’s strategic circumstances over the past five years.

The Defence White Paper 2015 will focus on the contribution of the Defence Force and Ministry of Defence towards New Zealand’s security, resilience and prosperity. It will set out New Zealand’s defence policy and how policy will be implemented to advance the nation’s national security and interests. In this regard the Defence White Paper 2015 will provide the basis for the Defence Force’s and Ministry of Defence’s strategy and planning from 2015 onward.

In 2009, over 600 written submissions were received from individuals and organisations as part of the public consultation process. In addition, over 250 people attended public meetings around the country. We are keen to ensure that New Zealanders are able to have their say again on defence and security matters.

Media releases regarding the Defence White Paper 2015

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Terms of reference

The Defence White Paper is guided by Terms of Reference that were approved by Cabinet on 13 April 2015. The Terms of Reference describe the Defence White Paper’s purpose, scope, governance, timeline and funding. You can view key information from the Terms of Reference by clicking on the link below:

Contact us

Enquiries regarding the Defence White Paper 2015 can be made by either emailing or writing to:

Defence White Paper 2015
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Defence White Paper 2015 Public Consultation Information

On 5 May 2015, the Minister of Defence, Hon Gerry Brownlee announced the beginning of the Defence White Paper 2015 public consultation process, which ran to 22 June 2015. Thank you to everyone that either made a submission or attended one of the public meetings.

The consultation process has ensured that all New Zealanders have been given the opportunity to provide their views on the appropriate roles of the armed forces; the capabilities they think are most likely to be required to fulfil these; and the environments in which they will be most likely to carry them out.

The submissions that we received during the consultation process and the results of the 12 public meetings will assist the Government in finalising the 2015 Defence White paper. As in 2009, a summary report on the public consultation process will be prepared and made available online in the next couple of months.

To inform the Defence White Paper 2015, the Ministry of Defence and the Defence Force have produced a Defence Assessment. It considered how New Zealand’s strategic circumstances may change over the next 25 years to 2040. A public version can be viewed below. You may also wish to view the 2014 Defence Capability Plan to get a sense of the Government’s current capability acquisition priorities out to 2030.

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