Reports and Publications

New Zealand Defence Force Capability Reviews
Phase One – Land Forces and Sealift (November 2000)


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Comprehensive Review of the Whole Question of Peacekeeping Operations in all their Aspects (BrahamiReport) United Nations General Assembly Security Council, A/55/305 – S/2000/809, United Nations, (August 2000)

Defence Policy Framework, (June 2000)

New Zealand's Foreign and Security Policy Challenges, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, (June 2000)

Paying the Price for Versatility, Schook, S.P COL. (1997), Military Review, September-October, 1997

Strategic Assessment 2000, External Assessments Bureau, (June 2000)

The Changing Nature of Peacekeeping – Observations for New Zealand Defence Policy, New Zealand Ministry of Defence, 15 March, 2000

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