New Zealand Army

New Zealand Army facts and figures as at 30 June 2022.

Total Army personnel by employment status 

Regular Force 4,519 68.6%
Reserve Force 2,065 31.4%
Total 6,584  

 Army gender breakdown

Male  3,860 85.4%
Female 659 14.6%

 Force Elements

1(NZ) Brigade

  • 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment located in Linton provides a light infantry capability;

  • 2/1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment located in Burnham provides a light infantry capability;

  • Queen Alexandra’s Mounted Rifles located in Linton provides the Army’s light armoured capability;

  • 16th Field Regiment located in Linton provides an offensive support (artillery and mortar capability);

  • 2nd Engineer Regiment located in Linton provides horizontal and vertical construction capability, and selected specialist military engineering services;

  • 1st New Zealand Signals Regiment located in Linton and 3rd Signals Squadron in Burnham provides the communications capabilities for deployed Task Groups; and

  • 2nd Combat Service Support Battalion in Linton, and 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion located in Burnham, provide logistic support.

1st NZ Special Air Services Regiment

  • Located at Papakura, the Regiment provides Special Operations Forces for special and counter-terrorist operations, and the national response for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Explosive and Improvised Explosive Device Disposal issues where public safety or national interests are threatened.

 Reserve Force

  • Three infantry battalions located throughout New Zealand, two in the North Island and one in the South Island.

 Training and Doctrine Command

  • The Land Operations Training Centre and the Mission Command Training Centre are based in the Manawatu, which have schools located in Waiouru, Linton, Trentham, and Burnham, and are responsible for teaching and delivering a variety of specialist training;

  • The Army Depot located in Waiouru, provides recruit training; and

  • The Army Command School located in Waiouru provides officer training, all arms promotion courses and leadership training.