Strategic competition

New Zealand faces a world in which strategic competition is increasingly the background for states’ relationships.

Air force

Growing strategic competition will increase the potential for confrontation and conflict. Strategic competition will play out across a range of theatres (including in space and cyber-space) in ways that will threaten New Zealand’s security: this is true of both the wider Indo-Pacific and in New Zealand’s immediate Pacific region, as well as the rest of the world.

The illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia is cause for even further concern about the global situation. The invasion fundamentally challenges the international rules-based system and further degrades the international strategic environment, with consequent impacts for security and economic interests over both the immediate and longer terms.

Australia is New Zealand’s closest partner, and our only formal ally. The high level of integration, cooperation and depth of our shared enterprise are hallmarks of the relationship across all areas that matter to us: the economy, our people, our security and our global interests and ambitions in upholding the international rules-based system.