Iraq / Kuwait / Qatar

Defeat-ISIS Coalition

Personnel: Up to nine NZDF personnel are deployed in the Middle East in roles associated with the Defeat-ISIS Coalition in Iraq.

New Zealand first deployed as part of the Defeat-ISIS Coalition in 2015, and has held a variety of Coalition Headquarters, support, and intelligence roles since that time. The majority of New Zealand’s personnel were deployed to the Australia-New Zealand Building Partner Capacity (BPC) mission at Taji Military Complex, Iraq. Over 47,000 Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) personnel were trained by New Zealand and Australian personnel at Taji between 2015 and March 2020, when responsibility for training was successfully handed over to the ISF. Following the successful conclusion of the BPC mission at Taji, the New Zealand Defence Force contingent at Tai returned to New Zealand.

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New Zealand continues to maintain an ongoing military contribution to the Defeat-ISIS Coalition. NZDF personnel remain deployed to Coalition Headquarters in Iraq and Kuwait, and in support operations in Qatar. In March 2020, Cabinet extended the mandate for these roles until June 2022.

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Copies of the Cabinet papers and the associated minutes of decisions regarding the Iraq contribution are linked in the Deployment Articles section below.