Defence to receive remote ground sensors and uncrewed aircraft systems

14/12/2023 News

Defence has contracted three companies to supply Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Remote Ground Sensor systems for New Zealand Army use from 2024.

EPE New Zealand Limited will supply a number of quadcopter Micro UAS, which are backpack portable and can be operational in less than 75 seconds. The company will also supply Remote Ground Sensor systems, which combine seismic, acoustic and infrared sensors to detect and identify moving objects. Both systems will be used by 2/1 Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment.

United States based Quantum-Systems Inc. will deliver a number of Small UAS for 16 Field Regiment, which are backpack portable, have a wingspan of three metres when assembled, and can be operational within three minutes.

Australian company Criterion Solutions PTY will deliver a number of Nano UAS, which can be operational in less than 20 seconds and will be used by 2/1 Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment. These UAS have a single rotor air frame and fit into a pouch.

The systems will reduce risk to personnel by providing timely and accurate information for operations planning, as well as risk assessment activities.

Sarah Minson, Ministry of Defence Deputy Secretary Capability Delivery, says the systems will be deployed by New Zealand Army during humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, combat, and search and rescue operations.

“The systems will improve the ability of the New Zealand Army to undertake reconnaissance and surveillance operations, in areas that may otherwise be inaccessible, such as cyclone damaged regions or combat zones.”

These new systems will not be armed as their primary purpose is to extend situational awareness beyond-line-of-sight.

For more information about the project visit the Network Enabled Army page.