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Fixed High Frequency Radio Refresh

High frequency (HF) radio complements satellite or terrestrial communications systems.

NZDF: Fixed High Frequency Radio Capability - Cabinet Documents
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21 Dec 2018

Current status

A contract was signed with Babcock New Zealand on 27 February 2020 to replace the New Zealand Defence Force's fixed high frequency radio capability, and provide through life support.

High frequency (HF) radio complements satellite or terrestrial communications systems, helping to manage the risk of communications disruption or failure. NZDF’s current New Zealand-based fixed high frequency radio infrastructure was installed in the 1980s, with some parts of the infrastructure upgraded in the early 2010s. The Fixed High Frequency Radio Refresh Project seeks to upgrade and consolidate this infrastructure to deliver a value for money HF capability that will support the NZDF’s deployed and domestic operations in a sustainable manner.

The scope of the project includes, but is not limited to:

  • Upgrading land-based infrastructure in New Zealand (including transmitters, receivers, and other equipment);
  • Updating the Joint Remote Control System to control all NZDF HF equipment;
  • The introduction of a frequency management and prediction system;
  • The introduction of Automatic Link Establishment/Management;
  • Integration of the new HF System into the NZDF’s network command and control system; and
  • Installation of supplied cryptographic equipment.

A Request for Information was issued for this project in 2015. This information has informed development of the Single Stage Business Case, which was approved in June 2018. The project obtained government approval to release procurement documentation to market. The Cabinet paper(external link) is on the Ministry's website. 

The design solution for the new system is near completion. Planning is progressing for installation of the new High Frequency antennae and communications equipment at the two transmeter and receiver sties, and two operational centres.

Contact: Robin Bloodworth

Email: industry@defence.govt.nz

Updated: May 2023