Diplomacy and deployments

In partnership with the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) we provide advice on international defence engagements and deployments to maximise New Zealand's security and broader interests.


International engagement

New Zealand actively upholds the rules-based international order through its support and participation in institutions and arrangements that reinforce global stability. This includes participation in a number of international multilateral and regional security institutions that reinforce international norms and promote dialogue between states.

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Defence diplomacy

The Ministry of Defence works with the NZDF to shape New Zealand’s relationships with foreign militaries and security organisations. We provide advice to Government and direction on defence relationships to maximise New Zealand’s security and broader interests. Having a network of strong international relationships serves to protect and advance our interests.

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NZDF personnel are deployed on major peace support operations, training missions, and into headquarters positions around the world. Our International Branch partners with the NZDF and MFAT to provide joint advice to the Government on existing or proposed deployments.

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Policy Advisor Programme

The Ministry has established a Policy Advisor (POLAD) programme designed to embed civilian expertise across the operational lifecycle, as well as providing policy advice and input to commanders at the tactical and operational level.

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Deployments map

Our deployments map showing where NZDF personnel are deployed to around the world, including more information on these operations.

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