Assessing the Defence system

Since 2014, we have been preparing more detailed reports that are data and information driven. Through these reports we aim to provide recommendations that are practical and will result in positive change within the Defence system.

Our assessments include reporting on gender equity in the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF), recognising the role of Defence industry in the New Zealand economy, and investigating opportunities to improve the recruiting process and training for new recruits in all three Services.

Report of the Expert Review Group

Report of the Expert Review Group

The Report of the Expert Review Group was publicly released on 15 November 2021 by the Minister of Defence. The Expert Review Group was established in response to recommendation one of the Government Inquiry into Operation Burnham and related matters.

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Operation Respect Review

Does the NZDF successfully promote and culture of dignity and respect? Is the NZDF a safe and respectful Force? Does the NZDF effectively deal with instances of harmful and inappropriate behaviour? In 2016, the Chief of Defence Force at the time launched Operation Respect to deal the issues that surround these questions. The NZDF identified that harmful, and inappropriate behaviour destroys the trust and cohesion amongst personnel that is at the heart of an effective fighting force. In 2019, it was considered timely to assess NZDF’s progress on Operation Respect.

This independent review assessed the progress of implementation of the NZDF’s Action Plan for Operation Respect.

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LSV report

Limited Services Volunteer programme review

The Limited Service Volunteer (LSV) programme review considered how the programme addresses barriers to better employment and training outcomes for trainees.

The review found that the LSV programme addresses barriers to employment and training through:

  • the structured and disciplined military environment
  • the opportunity to develop life and employment skills, and
  • the wraparound practical and personal support.
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Military women

The review Maximising Opportunities for Military Women in the New Zealand Defence Force found that in the last 15 years there has been much of progress in gender equity in the NZDF.

Recommendations were made to:

  • recruit the best personnel by focusing on a broader potential candidate pool
  • expand systems to increase women’s retention
  • improve pathways for women to gain senior leadership roles
  • further reduce discrimination, harassment and bullying, particularly in recruit training.
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Defence recruit training

The review Assessing the Quality of Recruit Training in the New Zealand Defence Force looks into what aspects of the initial training for new recruits were working well and how the system could be improved. The review found that while training programmes are demanding, both physically and mentally, most recruits find the experience positive. 

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Defence recruitment process

Recruitment: Barriers and Opportunities for Military Candidates examines the experiences of a group of applicants to the NZDF as they progressed throughout the recruitment process. This was to understand who makes it through recruitment and the challenges faced by applicants during this process, as well as to investigate whether there were different experiences for candidates by gender and ethnic group.

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Defence industry

The report Optimising the New Zealand Industry Involvement in the New Zealand Defence Sector looks at whether there is further opportunity to optimise the involvement of New Zealand industry in supplying the New Zealand Defence sector. The recommendations in this report are not about changing Government procurement policy. It identifies ways, within the Government Rules of Sourcing, to adapt and improve our practice and processes so that New Zealand businesses have the best possible chance to supply Defence, while Defence achieves the best value for money.

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Hazardous substances

The Defence Force’s controls around hazardous substances are audited approximately every three years. Hazardous substances include things like ammunition, explosives, gases, flammable liquids and toxic material. The audit Hazardous substances: Management in the New Zealand Defence Force found that the Defence Force has a generally effective system for managing hazardous substances but made three recommendations related to improving the Code of Practice, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and strengthening system level controls.

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