Industry working with Defence

Industry has a key role in helping Defence to purchase and maintain a modern, well-equipped and capable Defence Force. Equipment provided by industry has to be up-to-date, proven, reliable and meets health and safety regulations.

Defence has established the Defence Industry Engagement team to help with the challenges industry can face in dealing with an extensive range of stakeholders, end-users, decision-makers, procurement teams and capability planners. The team includes full-time engagement specialists within the Ministry of Defence and the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF). Engagement with our team ranges from current supplier relationship management through to early engagement on future plans and projects. The team provides efficient access for Defence and industry to exchange information, experience and knowledge throughout the entire capability lifecycle. We welcome any feedback that you may have about how we could work more closely with industry.

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Opportunities for industry

Defence takes a 'total cost of ownership' view when delivering and maintaining Defence capability. In order to maximise value for money for the New Zealand economy, it draws on a complementary mix of international and local suppliers. To achieve critical objectives, Defence depends on its commercial and industrial partners. Defence believes that by engaging well with business, value is created that would not otherwise exist.

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The Defence procurement process

The Ministry of Defence is responsible for the research, purchase, introduction into service, and through life costing of all major equipment worth more than $15 million. The majority of equipment to be purchased for Defence is outlined in the Defence Capability Plan. This plan outlines the investment in capability required to deliver the Defence Force structure set out in the Defence White Paper 2016, and is used by the Government to communicate its Defence capability priorities to the public, industry, and international partners.

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Industry associations and agencies

Due to the broad range of suppliers to Defence, there is a variety of industry associations that play a vital role in the Defence sector. Most are organised around the nature of their industry, goods or services rather than the sector they supply. Supplying to Defence is not their primary purpose, although Defence may be a major purchaser in their market.

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Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry

The Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry were established by the New Zealand Defence Industry Advisory Council (NZDIAC) in 1998 to highlight and reward the contribution made by industry to Defence.

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