Defence Policy Review

Shaping the future of Defence.

New Zealand is facing a more challenging strategic environment than it has for decades, with increasing threats to our security including from the impacts of climate change.

A Defence Policy Review is currently underway to provide a roadmap on how to meet those challenges. It’s first two products – a Defence Policy and Strategy Statement and Future Force Design Principles have now been released and work is underway on options for the development of a Defence Capability Plan.

Defence must focus on those issues that matter most to New Zealand’s security. This includes prioritising efforts to protect and promote Pacific security, stability, and resilience. A need also existed to stabilise and grow our capability in order to meet the challenges of our changed strategic environment.

As a small but globally connected nation, New Zealand relies on partnerships to meet its defence interests and Defence needs to work with security partners be able to contribute meaningfully in the region and beyond.

Defence Policy and Strategy Statement 

This strategy will guide Defence’s planning, operations, engagements and investment to ensure that Defence is fit-for-purpose in an increasingly challenging and complex world.


Future Force Design Principles 

This document identifies the requirements of the future Defence Force to respond to the strategic environment and approach set out in the Defence Policy and Strategy Statement 2023.