Defence Strategy for Engaging with Industry

17/11/2016 Capability Development, Capability Delivery, Publication

Industry has a key role in helping Defence achieve the outputs of the Defence Capability Plan 2016. Local and international firms are engaged more than ever before, working with Defence on supplying and maintaining a modern, well-equipped and capable Defence Force.

Published November 2016
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Defence Strategy for Engaging with Industry
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17 Nov 2016

Defence spends over $600 million annually on goods and services, with most going into the local economy. This will continue to grow as commercial enterprises demonstrate that their skills and expertise complement the expertise of our people across all areas of Defence’s activities.

Looking ahead, the Government’s investment in the Defence Force will grow. The 2016 Defence White Paper signalled investment of around $20 billion over the next fifteen years in new capability and infrastructure. This includes replacing all our major assets and re-capitalising the Defence Estate. It also includes a major restructure of the way all equipment (and Defence holds around 100,000 line items) is stored, maintained, used and replaced.