Defence Deployments: Iraq and Afghanistan - Cabinet Documents

25/03/2019 Deployments and Diplomacy, Response to an Official Information Act request, Cabinet material

This publication provides documents supporting Cabinet's August 2018 in-principle decisions to extend the New Zealand Defence Force deployment to:

  • Iraq and the region to 30 June 2019
  • the Afghan National Army Officer Academy in Afghanistan to 30 September 2019.

ERS-18-MIN-0015, ERD-18-SUB-0015

Defence Deployments: Iraq and Afghanistan - Cabinet Documents
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25 Mar 2019

These extensions were subject to Cabinet consideration of relevant deployment considerations in September 2018.

Cabinet also:

  • noted that Cabinet will be provided with further advice on possible options for New Zealand's future contributions to the Coalition mission in Iraq before the end of April 2019
  • agreed to undertake a strategic reassessment of New Zealand's contribution to Afghanistan to support the government's medium term approach.