Defence Capability Plan 2019

11/06/2019 Policy Advice, Capability Development, Capability Delivery, Publication

The Defence Capability Plan 2019 sets out the planned investments in the New Zealand Defence Force out to 2030, while further identifying potential investments to be made after 2030.

ISBN: 978-0-478-27899-6 (Online)

ISBN: 978-0-478-27898-9 (Print)

Defence Capability Plan 2019
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11 Jun 2019

Delivering on these investments will provide the Defence Force with the capabilities required to give effect to the Government's policy intentions, outlined in the Strategic Defence Policy Statement 2018. The planned investments included here maintain the existing $20 billion programme of capital investments out of 2030, while improving the overall ability of the Defence Force to respond to the strategic environment. Potential investments have been identified to provide for the next generation of changes to the Defence Force, beginning in 2030, that will be explored in detail in the Defence White Paper planned for 2022.