Defence Policy Review Terms of Reference - Cabinet Documents

18/11/2022 Policy Advice, Cabinet material

This publication provides documents on Cabinet’s June 2022 decision agreeing to the Defence Terms of Reference and directing Defence officials to proceed with the next step of the Defence Policy Review.

ERS-22-MIN-0022 and ERS-22-SUB-0022

Defence Policy Review Terms of Reference - Cabinet Documents
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18 Nov 2022

Note: Defence continues to progress the Defence Policy Review and is currently asking the public for their input. The Minister of Defence will be provided a Defence Policy and Strategy Statement and Future Force Design Principles for consideration by the middle of 2023. This is a delay from the original dates in the terms of reference, although it is expected the full review will still be completed by the original timeline of mid 2024.


This pack comprises:

  • the Cabinet minute of decision: Defence Policy Review: Terms of Reference [ERS-22-MIN-0022]
  • the Cabinet paper Defence Policy Review – Terms of Reference [ERS-22-SUB-0022].

Certain information is withheld, where the making available of the information would be likely to prejudice the security or defence of New Zealand or the international relations of the Government of New Zealand [section 6(a)].

In addition, certain information has been withheld in order to:

  • maintain the consistitutional conveentions for the time being which protect the confidentiality of advice tendered by Ministers of the Crown and officials [section 9(2)(f)(iv)]

  • maintain the effective conduct of public affairs through the free and frank expression of opinions by or between or to Ministers of the Crown or members of an organisation or officers and employees of any department or organisation in the course of their duty [section 9(2)(g)(i)]

It is not considered the public interest in this information outweighs the need to protect it.

Information about making an Official Information Act request to the Ministry of Defence is available from this page.