Update on Expert Review Group (November 2020)

11/03/2021 Audits, Assessments and Evaluations, Ministerial briefing

This publication provides November 2020 documents updating the Minister of Defence on the progress of the Expert Review Group.

[MoD ref: 125-2020]

Update on Expert Review Group (November 2020)
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11 Mar 2021

The pack comprises:

  • the submission to the Minister of Defence: Update on Expert Review Group [MoD ref: 125-2020]

  • Annex A: meeting brief for the Minister’s meeting with the Expert Review Group chair

  • Annex B: biographies of the members of the Expert Review Group.

Certain information has been withheld in order to protect:

  • national security information and information that would impact the international relations of the Government of New Zealand [s6(a)]

  • the privacy of an individual [section 9(2)(a)]

  • information on the timing of future proposals to Cabinet [s9(2)(f)(iv)].

Where information is withheld pursuant to section 9(2), it is not considered that the public interest in this information outweighs the need to protect it.

Information about making an Official Information Act request to the Ministry of Defence is available from this page.