Ministerial Priorities for Defence 2021

08/12/2021 , Publication

The Ministerial Priorities for Defence were released on 8 December 2021 by the Minister of Defence alongside the Secretary of Defence.

Ministerial Priorities for Defence 2021
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8 Dec 2021

The Ministerial Priorities are People, Infrastructure, and The Pacific.

  • People are Defence’s greatest asset. Defence needs to ensure that personnel are ready and supported to face the challenges ahead, including those identified in Defence Assessment 2021.

  • The focus on infrastructure will ensure members of the Defence Force can live and work in buildings that are healthy, safe and fit-for-purpose both now and in the future.

  • The Pacific priority reflects the importance that this Government places on Pacific resilience and the important role Defence has in supporting this.

The Ministerial Priorities were released alongside the Principles for Defence 2021(external link).