Contract signed to replace HMNZS ENDEAVOUR

25/07/2016 News

The Secretary of Defence and Mr JH Kim, President of Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) signed a contract for the supply of a Maritime Sustainment Ship to replace HMNZS ENDEAVOUR.

Two hundred and fifty people have started work at HHI’s Ulsan shipyard to build the new ship. Initial work is focused on design, documentation and material sourcing, and will move towards equipment procurement and build over the next year with delivery due in early 2020.

It was unusual for the President of HHI to attend a signing ceremony, however Mr Kim has a special link with New Zealand and ENDEAVOUR. In 1987, Mr Kim was a young design engineer and project manager for the build of HMNZS ENDEAVOUR.

Mr Kim was hosted by the Deputy Chief of Navy, Commodore Dave Gibbs, RNZN, for a visit to HMNZS ENDEAVOUR. A highlight of the visit for Mr Kim was finding the original build certification plate that included his signature.