Frigate Systems Upgrade project completes operational testing

01/12/2023 News

The new Sea Ceptor Local Area Air Defence System on HMNZS Te Mana has been successfully tested off the coast of Australia. This is the final test for the capability release of the Anzac Frigate Systems Upgrade project.

“The success of the two missile firings this week is a major milestone for the project. It means both HMNZS Te Mana and HMNZS Te Kaha will achieve full capability release and the frigates move from a solely ‘defend self’ position to a ‘defend others’ capability which allows for the localised missile defence of other platforms the frigates are operating with,” Jon Finderup, Director Maritime Domain at the New Zealand Ministry of Defence said.

The tests took place in the Eastern Australian Exercise Area and involved the identification, evaluation, tracking and destruction of an inbound target simulating a missile, which took the form of a two-metre-long aerial drone.  All other aspects of the ANZAC frigates surveillance, counter measures, self-defence capability and Combat Management System have successfully completed testing.


Pictures below from the testing of the new Sea Ceptor Local Area Air Defence System on HMNZS Te Mana