Maritime domain market research commences

07/09/2023 News

Defence has today begun market research relating to the Maritime domain to inform the next stage of the Defence Policy Review.

“As indicated in the Defence Capability Plan 2019, a number of maritime related investment decisions will be required by the mid-2030s. This early market engagement will inform the next stage in the Defence Policy Review - the development of options for a Defence Capability Plan (DCP),” Richard Schmidt, Deputy Secretary Defence Policy and Planning at the Ministry of Defence said.

The recently released Defence Policy and Strategy Statement sets a strategy for Defence while the Future Force Design Principles outlines the framework for future decision making.

The Future Force Design Principles sets out the broad parameters for making capability decisions for the next 15 years as it is expected NZDF will need to deploy more often and in a greater variety of situations. To do so it will need to have the combat capability and resilience to act in many situations and environments, including doing this concurrently. It is also expected Defence will need greater flexibility to both protect against and utilise new technologies.

Officials will begin talking to Defence industry to explore opportunities including fleet configuration, leveraging new technology, and alternative crewing, operating and support concepts. This will include gathering information on ships, autonomous uncrewed systems and other supporting maritime assets, and how they could be supported and maintained through their expected life. Defence is also seeking information on facilities relating to mission planning as well as simulation and training.

“There are a number of major decisions to be made over the next few years and we are keen to talk to industry to inform our thinking for the maritime domain. However, this is a scoping exercise to understand what is available as well as market capacity.

“No decisions on future fleet configuration have been made or funding committed.

“We are undertaking this market research now to ensure we do our due diligence and know what is available as we go through a thorough process of developing options for an updated Defence Capability Plan. The plan, once approved, will signal the Government’s future capability intentions for Defence.”

For more information, please refer to the material published on GETS(external link) using the reference 28051728 or email