Maritime Security Strategy released

22/06/2021 News

The Maritime Security Strategy: Te Kaitiakitanga o Tangaroa provides direction for New Zealand’s maritime security sector, outlining its first vision for the present day and into the future.

The maritime security sector contributes to New Zealand’s national security through a common approach, which coordinates investment decisions and resource prioritisation amongst different bodies and agencies.

The Ministry of Defence was actively involved in the Strategy’s development and governance. It hosted the Strategy’s lead policy writer for 14 months, and continues to support the implementation of the Strategy through maritime security operations, capability projects, policy guidance, and coordination with other agencies.

The Strategy focuses attention on the protection of New Zealand’s maritime border, marine resources, and regional maritime security interests. It is recommended the Strategy be read alongside the Strategic Defence Policy Statement 2018, which is a key document for defence matters related to maritime security and sovereignty.

The Maritime Security Strategy: Te Kaitiakitanga o Tangaroa is available on the Ministry of Transport website: link).