Market Research on Domestic Unimog Trucks and Military Support Vehicles

06/10/2023 News

Defence has launched a market research project to replace the New Zealand Defence Force’s domestic support vehicle fleet, which is currently made up of Unimog trucks and Mitsubishi Tritons.

“This Request for Information to industry is a market research tool to help inform our business case,” said Sarah Minson, Deputy Secretary Capability Delivery, Ministry of Defence.

“We are asking for information about commercial off the shelf vehicles, which could replace the existing Unimog trucks and Military Support utes. The Mercedes Benz Unimogs were purchased in the 1980s and are now more than 40 years old.”

Both vehicles have been a workhorse for the NZDF during disaster relief operations and training tasks around New Zealand.

In addition to the standard truck requirements, the market research is asking for information, data and pricing about lower emission vehicles, which are hybrid or electric. It is also asking for information about vehicles with a high fording depth that could drive through floodwaters or broken and disturbed ground.

“The replacement vehicles would be used across New Zealand for a wide range of domestic tasks, including extreme weather and disaster response operations, as well as the transport of personnel and equipment,” said Sarah Minson.

This Request for Information has been issued via Government Electronic Tender Service(external link). No decisions have been made or funding committed.