Te Pokapū Whakauru Māia: A new facility for the Network Enabled Army programme

23/04/2021 News

A new facility recently opened at Linton Army Camp will be key to the rollout of the Network Enabled Army programme, which is gearing the New Zealand Army up with cutting-edge communications, surveillance and reconnaissance technologies.

The Minister of Defence has opened a large New Zealand Army facility at Linton Army Camp, key to the rollout of the Network Enabled Army programme.

The primary purpose of Te Pokapū Whakauru Māia, the Capability Integration Centre, will be to prepare the Army’s communications networks for rapid deployment.

The software and computers maintained at this facility will be able to be deployed in a matter of hours rather than days, bringing greater flexibility and efficiencies for the Army.

The facility will also be used to train Defence Force personnel, so they can operate and maintain all of the new technologies, software and devices being introduced by the Network Enabled Army programme.

Ultimately, the new capabilities being introduced as part of the Network Enabled Army programme, will help to improve the safety of personnel when they are deployed into challenging or hostile situations.

For example, new digital tools and devices will replace planning charts and 3D terrain models, providing personnel with more accurate and timely situational awareness, which can be instantly updated and communicated to all levels of the battlefield. They will also provide personnel with greater awareness of where both friendly and opposition forces are situated. The Army will have greater connectivity and interoperability with Navy and Air Force personnel, as well as international partners.

Construction for the $8.7 million Te Pokapū Whakauru Māia began with members of the 2nd Engineer Regiment doing site preparation and enabling work. Following that, around 300 contractors worked on the site, many of whom came from Manawatū-Whanganui.

The facility is the second facility constructed in Tranche One of the Network Enabled Army programme.