Request for Proposal issued for Bushmaster communications systems

28/09/2023 News

Defence has issued a Request for Proposal for services related to the design, build and installation of communications and digital systems, which will connect the new Bushmaster vehicle fleet for years to come.


“The new digital and communications systems will ensure New Zealand Army personnel can work anytime and anywhere, on domestic exercises as well as on multinational deployments with international partners,” said Huntley Wright, Assistant Secretary Capability Delivery, Ministry of Defence.

“The systems will help to keep New Zealand Army personnel safe, with the latest technologies providing real-time digital maps, secure radios and instant messaging. They will advance a soldier’s situational awareness, support their decision making, enable information collection, and improve secure communication between people and other vehicles.”

The Request for Proposal is asking for a Prime System Integrator who can deliver and support the communications and digital systems, from design through to installation, troop training, and equipment disposal. Some systems are being purchased through a separate contract, and will be integrated as part of this process.

There are 43 Australian-made armoured vehicles in the fleet, which come in five different variants including protected ambulances, troop transport, and mobile communications and command hubs.

A phased approach is being taken to kit out the fleet by 2026. Some vehicles have had radios installed, which are in use at Waiouru Military Camp for driver and commander training.