Defence Assessments

Supported by in-depth research, our Defence Assessments consider major strategic trends, and identify emerging and evolving issues that could affect New Zealand’s national security interests.

In close consultation with the New Zealand Defence Force and other government agencies, we develop and produce regular assessments on issues of importance for New Zealand's Defence policy settings. These Defence Assessments consider major strategic trends as well as more in-depth, emerging and evolving issues that could affect New Zealand's national security interests. In addition to providing assessments of future developments, Defence Assessments provide Government with advice on options to achieve Government's Defence policy goals.

Major Defence Assessments are typically produced about every five years. We have instituted an enhanced programme of Defence Assessments that include both annual reviews of New Zealand's strategic environment as well as a range of more focused assessments that look in-depth at particular issues. This approach ensures that Defence is better able to keep pace with and respond to changes in New Zealand's security environment.

Defence Assessment 2021: he moana pukepuke e ekengia e te waka / a rough sea can still be navigated provides a comprehensive review of the challenges to New Zealand's strategic defence interests, as well as defence officials' advice to Government on changing New Zealand's defence policy settings.