Strategic Defence Policy

New Zealand's formal Defence policy settings are reviewed periodically. The Ministry supports Government to develop and publish these policy documents.

Typically these policy documents will present an assessment of New Zealand's strategic environment and set out at a high level the range of activities the New Zealand Defence Force must be prepared to undertake. 

At present, the most recent formal expression of New Zealand's Defence policy is the Strategic Defence Policy Statement 2018. 

Defence Policy Review

In 2022, the Goverment commissioned a Defence Policy Review to ensure New Zealand's Defence policy, strategy and planned capability investments remain fit for purpose. 

Work has now begun on a defence policy and strategy statement that will draw on the findings of the Defence Assessment 2021 and set out high level policy and strategy for Defence.

Defence is currently asking for feedback to help inform this work. Find out how to take part. 

  • Strategic Defence Policy Statement 2018
    2.4 MB
    6 Jul 2018