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Garrison and Training Support (GATS) Vehicles Project

The GATS Project covers the NZDF’s domestic operational and training support vehicle fleets.

The capability covers the NZDF’s domestic operational and training support vehicle fleets.

A number of specialist vehicles (such as fire appliances, medical response and aircraft refuelling vehicles) are overdue for replacement. These provide critical capabilities within New Zealand either delivering or supporting outputs such as emergency service activities, humanitarian and disaster relief, as well as day to day support to military training and domestic operational needs.

Current Status

To ensure that these capabilities are maintained, the GATS projects has been split into two phases:

  • Phase One (2019-2023):

    Addresses the urgent requirements and replaces the majority of the specialist vehicles. Other than the Domestic Fire Appliances, the Through Life Support of all the Phase One fleets will be provided through the vendor; and

  • Phase Two (2023-2030): The progressive replacement of the remainder of the GATS fleets, including the balance of the Phase One capabilities.

Phase One Activities

Airfield Response Appliances (ARA): In November 2020, a contract was awarded to Oshkosh Airport Products, USA for two ARAs (of the total fleet of eight). Delivery of both units is scheduled for Q1 2022.

Domestic Fire Appliances (DFA): The Project is working with Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) for the acquisition of six new Type 3 appliances with two per year planned to be delivered from Q4 2021. Under the arrangement with FENZ, maintenance of the NZDF fleet will be managed by FENZ.

Medical Response Vehicles (MRV): In May 2020, a contract was awarded to Hamilton-based Action Manufacturing for a fleet of six MRVs, which was later increased to 12. These are based on the Iveco Daily 4x4 and replace the 30 year old Unimog-based medical vehicles. As at July 2021, the first three MRVs have been delivered with the last scheduled for April 2022.

Mobile Bulk Aviation Fuelling Capability (MBAFC): In August 2020 a contract was awarded to Holmwood Highgate (Australia) for a fleet of six MBAFCs, based on the Volvo FMX cab/chassis with a 40,000 litre fuel capacity (13,000 litres in the truck tank and 27,000 in the trailer). As at July 2021, the first two have arrived in NZ and the first is scheduled to be accepted at the end of July. Delivery of all units is planned to be completed by the end of 2021.

Rural Fire Appliances (RFA): In December 2020, a contract was awarded to Volvo Group Australia for a fleet of 11 RFAs based on the Volvo FL280 dual cab as the Primemover truck. Wellington based Fraser Engineering Ltd, will undertake the design and engineering work including the integration of the existing NZDF demountable fire pod. Delivery of all units are scheduled to be completed by Q3 2022.


Last updated: July 2021