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Network Enabled Army C4

The project is delivering modern communications to the land force units most often deployed by the Government. These are Special Operations Forces, and a land force commitment that includes infantry, a Task Group Headquarters and around 200 communications personnel. This project is part of the wider Network Enabled Army (NEA) Programme.

The Network Enabled Army Programme’s Command, Control, Communications and Computer (C4) capabilities will deliver a suite of equipment and services that enable the Army to pass and receive data digitally, as well as improving communication and situational awareness. This is through a combination of hardware (servers, routers and long distance communications links) and software (principally, the Sitaware Battle Management System). The three C4 Projects are as follows:

  • The Common Command Post Operating Environment (CCPOE) is delivering physical modular command post and information technology systems. A full, supportable CCPOE capability has been delivered, and Operational Testing and Evaluation will commence in early 2024.
  • The Common Universal Bearer Systems supports tactical and strategic communications and has been undergoing testing and training delivery.
  • The Mobile Tactical Communication Systems has been delivering network-capable combat radios, a Battle Management System, and a range of software.

Government approval

13 April 2013
Capital and operating funding for tranche one up to 2017/18 is approved to deliver modern communications to the land force units most often deployed by the Government – Special Operations Forces and a land force commitment, including infantry, a task group headquarters and communication personnel of around 200 personnel.


  • Harris Defence Australia: supply of a mobile tactical command system, including network design and delivery, along with software, systems and connecting radio equipment. Signed December 2018.

Contact: Nick Gillard, Director Land Domain
Email: industry@defence.govt.nz

Updated:October 2023