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Protected Mobility Capability Project

The Protected Mobility Capability Project focuses on the improvement of the land mobility capability for the New Zealand Defence Force.

The Protected Mobility Project is replacing NZDF’s main operational land vehicle fleets, providing New Zealand troops with enhanced protection. This includes both armoured and non-armoured vehicles suited to a wide range of operations.

The Project is being run in stages over ten years, ensuring that New Zealand’s land forces remain suitably resourced for operations now and in the future.

  • Phase 1: 2018 – 2024: Replace and enhance the capabilities offered by the current Pinzgauer fleet and operational Unimogs.

  • Phase 2: 2025/2026 onwards: Upgrade or replace the NZ Light Armoured Vehicle Capability.

Current status

MRZR-D vehicles are being introduced into service. These vehicles fulfil the Project’s High Mobility (Light) vehicle category of a lightweight, compact-sized off-road vehicle. MRZR will be used in roles including humanitarian and disaster relief (HADR) activities, movement of combat supplies, and casualty evacuation.

Above: An NZDF Polaris MRZR 

The replacement of the existing armoured Pinzgauers with the Bushmaster NZ5.5 was announced in July 2020. The Australian-manufactured Bushmaster improves our ability to undertake population support and peacekeeping missions. The Bushmaster is used extensively by overseas partners and will provide our personnel with greater protection, flexibility and versatility. The Project is working with the Australian manufacturer to complete the detailed designs of this vehicle.

An Advanced Notice of Procurement for Utility vehicles was released on the Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS) in mid 2021.(external link)

The Ministry also issued a separate Request for Information (RFI) to industry to seek information from suppliers who are interested in participating in any future Utility vehicle procurement as suppliers or subcontractors to a tenderer offering to be a prime contractor.

The project is currently focusing on:

  • Introduction into service of the MRZR-D vehicles

  • Detailed design and build of the NZ 5.5 Bushmaster vehicles

  • Infrastructure requirements for the vehicles

  • Investigation of the Utility category of vehicles to allow the retirement of unarmoured Pinzgauers and operational Unimogs.


Contact: Nick Gillard, Director Land Domain
Email: industry@defence.govt.nz

Last updated May 2023