For New Zealand to have a Defence Force that meets the challenges of an uncertain future security environment, Defence decision-makers need reliable and thorough advice that enables them to plan well in advance. They need a clear picture of the international strategic environment, an understanding of how this environment will change in the future, and the implications for Defence. Our Policy Branch leads the provision of this advice.

Each year the NZDF undertakes C-130 Hercules flights and Boeing 757 flights (weather dependant) to Antarctica. They also provide support to Terminal Operations at Harewood (Christchurch International Airport) and McMurdo (load and passenger processing, fuel delivery, ship off-load teams), light engineering teams for Scott Base, and Scott Base support personnel (plant operators, cargo handlers, communications & administration staff). Up to 220 personnel are typically involved in this support in a season. When it comes into service, the NZDF's new ice-strengthened naval tanker will provide further support activities to Antarctica.

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