Strategy Management and Assessment

The Strategy Management and Assessment Division has two branches: Strategy Management Office and Defence Audit & Assessment.

Strategy Management Office

We work closely with NZDF to steward a coherent, integrated and Defence-wide strategy framework and system. Together with NZDF, we oversee the strategy system to ensure that Defence is clear about how it will achieve desired policy objectives and can confidently demonstrate progress towards them.

The strategy management system provides the ability to monitor and measure the contribution of both agencies toward policy objectives, and to demonstrate impact.

We lead the Ministry’s drive for a more strategy led, and data informed, Defence system. This includes a particular focus on making good use of data to inform advice and decision making and to measure the achievement of strategy.

Assessment and Audit

We support the Ministry’s statutory function under the Defence Act to “arrange for the assessment and audit of the Defence Force in relation to any function, duty, or project… as and when required by the Minister, or in accordance with a programme of audit and assessment approved by the Minister”.

We deliver the Ministry’s multi-year and annual programme of Defence audit and assessment work that enables the Secretary of Defence to provide assurance to the Minister of Defence.


Anton Youngman is the Deputy Secretary for Strategy Management and Assessment.