Defence Policy Review: Industry research

Published: 04 Aug 2023

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A summary of research undertaken by Kantar Public to provide industry input for the Defence Policy Review. This document provides an overview of the research undertaken and a summary of the findings.

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Additional info

Additional info

As part of the Defence Policy Review, the Ministry of Defence and the New Zealand Defence Force sought input from the defence industry, key partners, and other interested parties.

This document summarises the input provided by the defence industry. A separate document summarises the input from the key partners and other interested parties on the topics they were asked to provide input on.

The defence industry were asked for their input on the following topics:

  1. Challenges faced when working with Defence
  2. General (non-Defence) business challenges that impact their ability to work with Defence
  3. Suggestions for how Defence can better work with them
  4. Opportunities they see for their business with Defence.


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