Follow-up Review of Defence Procurement Policies and Practices for Major Capability Projects

Published: 28 Aug 2019

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This document is a review conducted by Sir Brian Roche and PwC on Defence’s ability to deliver capability investments effectively. It follows up on a review conducted in 2018.

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Additional info

Additional info

The scope of the 2019 Review was to assess and provide further assurance on the progress Defence has made in embedding the new Capability Management System. The follow-up Review found that the findings from the 2018 Review remained relevant, with the Defence Capability Change Action Programme continuing to instil a strong risk management culture across both the Ministry of Defence and New Zealand Defence Force in the management of major capability acquisitions.

The follow-up Review is to be read in conjunction with the 2018 Review, which is available here: Review of Defence Procurement Policies and Practices for Major Capability Projects.

The associated Cabinet material to the 2018 review is available here: Procurement Review Cabinet Papers


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