Recruitment: Barriers and opportunities for military candidates

Recruitment: Barriers and opportunities for military candidates

Published: 01 Jul 2016

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This review examines in detail the Defence Force recruitment process to understand challenges and opportunities for applicants, in particular women and different ethnic groups.

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Additional info

During the review period, 2597 people who applied to join the Defence Force opted into the study. Of this initial group of applicants, 885 passed initial screening, and after aptitude assessments, fitness testing and a structured interview, 190 were offered a position within the New Zealand Defence Force.

The study found that the recruitment process is complex and difficult to navigate. Results also found that women withdrew and were stood-down at greater rates than men, and important steps in the process took longer for women than men. Furthermore, ethnic minorities were declined, withdrawn and stood-down at greater rates than New Zealand Europeans.

Following on from these broad findings, the study made 10 recommendations that centred around two themes: the recruitment process, and the management of candidates.

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