Review of defence procurement policies and practices 2021

Published: 30 Aug 2022

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In 2018, Sir Brian Roche and PwC were commissioned to review Defence’s procurement policies and practices to ensure the way major defence capability projects were managed was fit for purpose following the Capability Delivery Action Programme and changes since 2015.

That process included two subsequent reviews, one in 2019, and the final one took place in 2021.

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Additional info

Additional info

“Defence has more than $5 billion in major capital projects under active management. The portfolio includes a range of complex, large scale projects spanning many years. The reviews were an important independent external assessment of the way procurement is managed,” says Mike Yardley, Deputy Chief Executive (Defence) at the Ministry of Defence.

Throughout these reviews, the authors noted the progress being made, endorsed the future focus on continuous improvement and concluded that capability management system is “the leading example for long-term capital planning within the public sector”.

The review noted that: “Arguably one of the biggest tests for the Capability Management System to date has been Covid-19. Covid had the potential to have a significant cost, time and quality implications for several capability projects. However the frameworks and policies introduced through the CMS enabled personnel working within the system to manage risk, making use of contingency and adapting plans to support delivery.”

Mike Yardley thanked the reviewers for their support and insights throughout the process. “It’s vital to have rigorous policies and practices, and the assurance that the underlying methods of managing such large scale projects are sound, particularly since the disruption of Covid and global supply chain issues.

“Throughout the process, the reviewers have identified areas of future focus and Defence is grateful for their advice to ensure our systems are as robust as possible.”


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