The Climate Crisis: Defence Readiness and Response - A3 Summary

Published: 06 Dec 2018

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The impacts of climate change are being felt acutely in the Pacific as well as in New Zealand itself.

Climate change will be one of the greatest security challenges for New Zealand and the world in the coming decades. The impacts of climate change will continue to test the security and resilience of our community, our national, the South Pacific region and the world.

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Additional info

Additional info

This A3 summarises a Defence Assessment that explores the links between climate change and security, and how climate change will be a driver for future Defence Force operations, particularly in New Zealand's neighbourhood. The full Defence Assessment is available from this link: The Climate Crisis: Defence Readiness and Response.

The assessment has been produced by the Ministry of Defence in close consultation with the New Zealand Defence Force, and draws on input from other government departments, foreign partners, as well as academics working on climate change issues.


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